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Секс-игрушки Lovense для любви на расстоянии (Russian)

Первая в мире секс-игрушка с двунаправленным контролем через Интернет, специально разработанная для занятий любовью на расстоянии. Заходите на наш сайт http;//

The world’s first sex toy that can be bi-directionally controlled over the Internet. Visit us at

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2 thoughts on “Секс-игрушки Lovense для любви на расстоянии (Russian)

  1. I bought Max and Nora. I got a long distance relationship, and wanted to test it. My girlfriend love Nora.But I want to tell my experience with Max. The product is very innovative, however it is very small. The aperture is very narrow to the point that, to me, leaves me senseless after a while. So be careful with the diameter.

    The opening of air that helps to lower the pressure is very annoying, since it generates too much noise and distracts.

    The vibrations doesn't make me fill anything, and, as it's too much tight, I don't feel the "pump" things.

    The "skin" it brings is very delicate and can easily form fungi, so don't let it wet or with humidity.

    For the price I recommend looking for other things.

    I bought the set Max and Nora, and claim the company for these problems without a solution. So I do not recommend buying them if you aren't sure it fits for you.

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